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Program Highlights for September:

“Nat Silver’s Informing Medleys”
A  tribute “In Memorium” to Nat Silver, long time Great Neck resident and PATV producer.  

“We Remember”
A tribute to 9/11 and the Saddle Rock Memorial Bridge.

“September 11 Families Organization”
An interview with Lee Ielpi about the organization.

“Great Neck/North Shore Community Remembers Our Own”
A memorial program about the local residents lost on 9/11.

“Tuesday’s Children”
A program about this organization which provides support for the families of 9/11 and others impacted by global terrorism.

A short play written by  Great Neck resident, Alexandra Dennett, about 3 women on the day before 9/11.

MSL: “Worldwide Treatment of Women”
Massachusetts School of Law educational forum.

Encore Programs:

 A variety of previous 9/11 programming.
“League of Women Voters Annual Meeting, 2011”
“Great Neck Plaza Auto Fest, 2010”
“Womens Health Seminar, 2010”
“Landmarking: Saving the Past for the Future

“World War II Veterans’ Stories” Pts. 1-9
“World War II Veterans’ Roundtable Discussion” #1-3

** Please check schedule for cablecast dates and times for programs.**





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